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What we have in Harnett County is a Failure of Leadership.

What we have in Harnett County is a failure of Leadership.

My name is Karen (Kate) Harrington Reichert, and I'm stepping up to run for County Commissioner because I believe it's time to restore this leadership by giving a voice back to the citizens of this county.

My Background:

I am a retired research scientist and administrator with decades of experience. I also was raised as a farm kid and am currently operating my own cattle farm in Harnett County. I bring a practical, common-sense, get-it-done approach to the table – whether it's in the lab, on the farm, or now, on the campaign trail. 

Let’s Take a Hard Look at Where We Stand in Harnett County Today.
  • Our public schools are failing our children. In high growth areas of northern and southern Harnett, our failure to plan has resulted in schools that are over capacity and in dire need of updates and new construction. ~Overcrowded schools and outdated facilities hinder our students' ability to learn and thrive. We must prioritize strategic infrastructure development and long-term educational planning to address these urgent issues.

  • Our failure to plan means we have critical needs for additional teachers, first responders, social services staff and law enforcement personnel. ~Teachers and first responders play vital roles in ensuring the safety, well-being, and education of our community. It's imperative that we not only address the staffing shortages but also ensure that these dedicated professionals receive fair compensation and benefits for their invaluable service.

  • Our failure to plan and manage our growth means a dramatic loss of farmlands, forests, and open spaces. ~A new Comprehensive Land Use Plan is currently under development. This plan must evolve beyond a mere document if we are to effectively protect our farms and open spaces.

  • Our failure to lead means the Wastewater Treatment Facility that serves residents of north Harnett is at capacity. ~I fully endorse the Wastewater Treatment Facility expansion plan to address this pressing issue as quickly as possible. 

  • Our failure to plan means we lack critical quality of life programs such as funding for our libraries, community meeting spaces, and parks and recreation. ~Neglecting these areas undermines the well-being and development of our community as a whole.

My Approach:

But I'm not here to dwell on the problems – I'm here to offer solutions. We need a County Commission that listens, plans, and leads. Together, we can invest in our future, strengthen our communities, and manage our growth responsibly. We must be proactive, not reactive.

  • Let’s invest in our future. 

  • Let’s make our neighborhoods and communities stronger and provide our next generation with quality education. 

  • Let’s manage our growth. Let’s plan for the new families and jobs that want to move to our county.

  • Let’s be proactive.

What’s Next:

Through my website, Facebook Page, and newsletter, I will dive deeper into my platform ideas, providing thorough insights into my plans for improving education, supporting essential services, preserving our natural resources, and enhancing quality of life programs. I hope to showcase why I feel I am the ideal candidate to lead Harnett County forward.

Additionally, I will keep you informed about opportunities to meet in person, whether it's at town hall meetings, neighborhood gatherings, or campaign events, as well as provide regular updates on the progress of our campaign, sharing milestones, achievements, and ways you can get involved.

How Can You Help? It's Simple!

  1. Vote: On November 5th and cast your ballot for Kate Reichert.

  2. Volunteer: Join our team and be a part of the change.

  3. Donate: Your financial support will help us spread our message far and wide.

I invite you to share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions for how we can better serve the community. You can reach me via email at, or share your thoughts on the facebook page:

If You Want Harnett to Thrive, Vote Kate on November Five.



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