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Our County Board of Commissioners is currently failing to prioritize transparency and meaningful public engagement. This neglect leaves us uninformed about their priorities and actions, raising concerns about the alignment of their agenda with the community's needs. Without transparency, there is a risk of unchecked power and a lack of accountability, further exacerbating the disconnect between the commissioners' actions and the community's priorities. 

Transparency Deficit: Disconnect between Board and Community

  • Absence of town hall meetings and public forums
  • Limited constructive engagement with the citizens
  • Public questions and concerns go unanswered in county board meetings
  • Growing perception of the Board being detached from community needs

Kate's Commitment to Transparency as County Commissioner

Enhancing Transparency:

  • Introduction of regular town hall meetings
  • Ensuring these meetings address emerging issues
  • Encouraging public participation in solution processes

Active Public Engagement:

  • Guaranteeing responses to citizen questions
  • Seeking public input for county decisions

Building a Responsive Government:

  • Creating a transparent and accountable governance structure
  • Ensuring that the government serves the needs of the people
  • Prioritizing the voices and well-being of the community

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