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Smart Growth

Kate's campaign is dedicated to addressing the critical issue of uncontrolled growth in Harnett County. The county is currently experiencing rapid urbanization, marked by an explosive increase in housing developments. This has led to dangerous traffic congestion, school overcrowding, and strain on emergency services. Particularly concerning is the projected population boom in District 4, where numbers are projected to double in the next 15 years.

Kate Reichert's campaign emphasizes the urgent need to shift focus from the current trend of building rooftops to a more balanced approach that emphasizes commercial growth and protects and preserves our agriculture industry. This shift is essential to ensure that the county's growth does not continue to outpace its ability to provide essential services and diminish our agriculture industry, a top contributor to the county's income.

Kate emphasizes the critical need for Harnett County residents to actively participate in defining priorities that will shape the county's future and the well-being of its citizens. She is dedicated to a form of representation that prioritizes meeting the needs and desires of the citizens over pleasing developers. It is her stance that the future of the county should not be treated as a partisan matter.

How Harnett County chooses to develop will shape the future of farming. 

Promoting Smart Growth:

  • Comprehensive Planning: Update and utilize the county’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Unified Development Ordinance to better manage growth and financial challenges.

  • Infrastructure Prioritization: Prioritize infrastructure projects to reduce traffic, upgrade services, improve public safety, and remedy overcrowded schools.

  • Impact Fees: Lobby the state legislature to reinstate Impact Fees in North Carolina.

  • Development Agreements: Establish agreements at the county level with developers or builders to help fund the costs associated with the increased demand for public services and infrastructure expansion resulting from new developments.

  • Public-Private Partnerships: Explore partnerships with the private sector for development projects, sharing costs and risks while promoting economic growth.

  • Alternative Transportation: Develop and enhance alternative transportation options, such as walking paths, biking lanes, or public transit, to reduce dependency on individual vehicles.

  • Preserve Natural Resources: Identify and protect critical natural resources, such as water bodies and green spaces, to maintain the county's environmental integrity.

  • Compact Development: Advocate for compact development patterns to minimize the loss of farmland and the need for infrastructure expansion, making it more cost-effective and environmentally sustainable. 

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