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Economic Development

The pace of our economic development is not keeping up with the rapid residential growth we're seeing. Now, more than ever, we require economic growth to counterbalance the revenue shortfall caused by residential developments. Essentially, we have become a "Bedroom Community," with the majority of our residents commuting to work and shop in adjacent counties.

Commercial and industrial businesses create job opportunities and higher paying wage opportunities. It's also crucial for us to attract essential businesses such as grocery stores, pharmacies, retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues — the kind of establishments that our citizens must leave the county to find.

Businesses are vital for generating the tax revenue required to construct schools, maintain health, and other critical functions of local government.

Kate’s Commitment to Economic Advancement

Promoting Economic Development and Sustainable Growth
  • Public-Private Partnerships
    • Encourage the formation of public-private partnerships to support businesses countywide.
    • Focus economic development efforts on businesses essential to the citizens, taking inspiration from the non-profit Chatham County Economic Development Corporation.
  • Harnett County Jetport Expansion
    • Ensure that investments made in expanding the Harnett County Jetport translate into profitable returns for the county.
  • Financial Incentives for Business Attraction
    • Explore avenues for providing financial incentives, including tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans, to attract businesses to the county.

Supporting a Skilled Local Workforce

  • Career and Technical Education Programs
    • Provide ongoing support for programs offered by the Department of Career and Technical Education in middle and high schools.
    • Collaborate with Central Carolina and Campbell University to establish training programs, ensuring a skilled local workforce ready to secure well-paying jobs.

Inclusive Economic Planning

  • Citizen Engagement through Town Hall Meetings
    • Hold town hall and public forum meetings to include citizens in the economic planning process.
    • Ensure thorough advertising to reach all citizens, including those without computer access or newspaper subscriptions.

Land Use Planning and Ordinance

  • Incorporating the Land Use Plan
    • Support efforts to integrate the county's Land Use Plan into the Land Use Ordinance, promoting coherent and sustainable development.

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