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Kate's campaign centers around giving the citizens of Harnett County a stronger voice, common-sense leadership, and a fresh perspective. Her primary focus is on transparency in government, responsible growth, farmland protection, economic development, and a quality education system. Kate is determined to address the concerns of the citizens who feel unheard amid the rapid growth in the county and to partner with our School Board to implement competitive teacher pay and to improved the quality of our education system.

Smart Growth

Kate's campaign is dedicated to addressing the critical issue of uncontrolled growth in Harnett County. Read More

Quality Public Education

In Harnett County, we are at a crossroads regarding the quality of public education. The decisions we make today will shape the future of our children and our community. Read More

Economic Development

Our county has not successfully competed with neighboring counties to attract commercial and industrial businesses. 

Read More

Farm Protection

Rapid rural growth is reshaping Harnett County, posing challenges to the agriculture community, transforming the county landscape and reshaping its rural culture. Read More


Our County Board of Commissioners currently faces a challenge in fostering transparency and public engagement.

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